How We Process Your Order: 12 Customer-Centric Steps

Our Detailed and Client-Centric Project Management Process

1. Initial Digital Consultation and Information Collection

  • In-Depth Process: Conducting a thorough video consultation to understand every aspect of your branding needs, including discussing the physical layout, aesthetic preferences, and brand message.
  • Client Advantage: Ensures that your vision and requirements are captured accurately from the start, allowing for a more tailored and effective branding strategy.

2. In-Depth Product Consultation Post Virtual Survey

  • Customised Selection Process
    • Understanding Client Needs: Taking time post-virtual survey to understand your specific requirements, preferences, and overall branding vision.
    • Material and Design Recommendations: Suggesting materials and design elements based on insights gained, focusing on:
      • Durability: Materials that withstand environmental conditions and wear and tear.
      • Visibility: Designs and materials that effectively grab attention and make a lasting impression.
      • Brand Consistency: Aligning materials and design with your brand’s image and values.
  • Technical Expertise and Guidance
    • Expert Recommendations: Providing recommendations based on extensive knowledge of materials and design trends.
    • Innovative Solutions: Suggesting the latest trends in branding and signage, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements.
  • Client Advantage
    • Personalized and Informed Decision Making: Equipping you with knowledge for informed decisions about materials and designs.
    • Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality: Focusing on creating a balance between visual appeal and practicality.
    • Alignment with Brand Vision: Ensuring recommendations are in sync with your brand’s ethos.

3. Quotation and Confirmation

  • Transparent Quoting: Providing a detailed quotation that breaks down costs for every project aspect.
  • Client Advantage: Allowing you to understand and control your investment, ensuring no surprises in project costs.

4. Selective Site Visits After Initial Consultation

  • Targeted Site Analysis: Conducting site visits when necessary to gather additional data and insights.
  • Client Advantage: Ensuring the final product fits seamlessly into your space, maximizing branding effectiveness and impact.

5. Client Quotation Approval

  • Empowering Decision Making: Providing the opportunity to review, suggest changes, and approve the quotation.
  • Client Advantage: Putting you in control, allowing for a tailored solution that meets your specific branding needs and budget.

6. Advance Payment: 50% to Initiate the Project

Project Kickstart

  • Purpose of Advance Payment: This initial 50% payment is crucial as it serves as a commitment from the client, enabling us to allocate resources and commence the procurement of materials specific to your project. It acts as a green light for our team to start the detailed planning and execution of your branding strategy.
  • Resource Allocation: Upon receiving this advance, we immediately begin the process of securing high-quality materials and scheduling the necessary manpower. This step is crucial in adhering to the project timeline.
  • Client Advantage: A prompt initiation of the project, facilitated by this advance payment, ensures that we can deliver your branding materials on time. It allows us to maintain the quality standards we promise, as the timely acquisition of materials and resource allocation are critical factors in meeting our high-quality benchmarks.

7. Job Card Creation & Approval

  • What is a Job Card?
    • Definition: A comprehensive document serving as the central repository for all project-related information.
    • Functionality: A living document, continuously updated, serving as a tool for project management, quality control, and communication.
  • Importance of a Job Card in Project Management
    • Centralized Information: Centralizing all project-related data for easy review and reference.
    • Quality Control: Acting as a checklist and guide for the production team.
    • Record of Changes: Documenting any changes or adjustments made during the project.
  • Comprehensive Documentation
    • Detailed Documentation: Including minute details such as color codes, dimensions, material types, and installation instructions.
    • Client Communications Log: Recording all discussions, feedback, and approvals.
  • Client Advantage
    • Ensures Accuracy: Reducing the risk of errors or misunderstandings.
    • Client Involvement: Involving you in the approval process of the job card.
    • Transparency and Trust: Enhancing transparency and building trust.

8. Appointment of a Dedicated Project Coordinator

  • Personalised Management: Appointing a coordinator to oversee your project, ensuring consistent communication and personalised attention.
  • Client Advantage: Simplifying communication, making the process smooth and stress-free for you.

9. Updates on Ready Material

  • Progress Visibility: Providing regular updates through photos and videos.
  • Client Advantage: Allowing you to see the evolution of your project and provide feedback.

10. Second Payment: 40% Before Dispatch

  • Pre-Dispatch Formality: Requesting this payment upon the completion of production.
  • Visual Confirmation: Providing detailed photos and videos of completed materials.
  • Workshop Visit Option: Offering you the opportunity to visit our workshop and inspect the materials.
  • Client Advantage: Signifying an important project juncture, ensuring quality assurance, and preparing for installation.

11. Delivery & Installation

  • Professional Execution: Ensuring professional and efficient delivery and installation of your branding elements.
  • Client Advantage: Guaranteeing that your branding is presented in the best possible way.

12. Final Payment and Feedback: 10%

  • Project Completion and Review: Coinciding the final payment with the successful completion of the project and actively seeking your feedback.
  • Client Advantage: Your feedback is invaluable for continuous improvement.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We go beyond standard approaches to branding and signage. Our process is meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring each step adds value and contributes to a final product that exceeds your expectations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and delivering branding solutions that make a lasting impression.